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Reels & Chat!

Step into a personalized learning journey with Learnliko that feels just like chatting with a friend. Explore bite-sized learning sessions and reels, where you'll interact with our AI-powered platform in a way that's both human and engaging. Learning has never been this accessible and enjoyable.

Learnliko Studio

Empowering educators to Create personalized AI coach bots

  • Train Your Knowledge

    Easily convert PDFs and Videos into AI coaches for personalized learning.

  • Customize AI Coach Bot

    Tailor your AI coach to match your teaching style and curriculum.

  • Monetization Option

    Earn by offering AI tutor bot subscriptions to students.

  • Auto-generated Contents

    Create engaging lessons with auto-generated materials.

  • Analytic Your Learners

    Get valuable insights into student progress with powerful analytics.

  • No Code Tool

    Create AI coaches without coding - just drag and drop content.

Ready to transform your teaching? Join our exclusive waitlist for Learnliko Studio, your gateway to effortlessly crafting personalized AI coach bots. Be at the forefront of the education revolution and unlock a world of opportunities to inspire and guide learners like never before.

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Business Incubation

Leading the Future of Learning: Our mission at Learnliko is like an exciting journey. We use the best technology to create a new way of learning that's unique and groundbreaking. Our goal? To build the starting point for THE NEXT ERA OF HUMAN LEARNING—a journey where teachers and students empower themselves and embark on an exciting adventure to gain knowledge and grow personally.